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How To Open Iomega MiniMax External HDD


I’ve got an external HDD that works with Mac Mini – Iomega MiniMax (1TB). I’ve got this HDD from eBay about two months ago, but died a few days ago where I’ve collected fair amount of music files.

Okay, it’s time to replace the HDD in it. Here is the instruction as to how you can dismantle the external HDD – 

It was fairly simple, and I am going to buy a 3TB HDD at an open market!  馃槈

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why you have to hands on coding all the times


because people will not trust architect without hands on


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Lovely Trojan Wine Collection!


Ah! I really like to buy some of the Trojan wine collections, but it seems they don’t ship it to South Korea.

I love their labels – I have captured the sample screen shots.

Screenshot from 2016-03-29 14:33:12

Hmm, is there a way really? After reading this tasting note (.pdf), my mouth became a full of water.

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C么tes du Rh么ne Parallele 45


This year’s Xmas wine – C么tes du Rh么ne聽Parallele 45聽by Paul Jaboulet.

Specially popular blanc in Rhone is Grenache, blended with Syrah [reference].

Tasted great, fresh, juicy, but full of fragrance. Cheap but premium choice!

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my old HP xw6400 died


I bought a used HP xw6400 machine during my PhD thesis write-up period in 2009 from eBay UK. At that time, I had to buy this machine because the one that I used for my research – a custom built desktop workstation – started to die. I’d rather build my own machine but did not have time to order all the parts and assemble the machines as I was hurrying to finish up my thesis. I thought HP desktop workstation could survive well on my CPU intensive research work, which actually did its job pretty well so far.

So, I am sort of missing to let go of this machine from my two hands – I discovered that this machine started to resist to re-boot from time to time since 2015 winter. Suddenly it fails to power up anymore.

I’ve searched a replacement machine for some time – actually tried to build a custom desktop (not powerful) to re-host all the SATA HDD storage devices, but the old mobo somehow crashes quite often so I left the machine behind my wall. As I am based in Korea, there is no joy from eBay UK, so looked for Gmarket instead. There I found a reasonable deal to replace xw6400 to xw8400 as low as 250 USD. As its hardware configurations are almost same, I just plugged in my HDD storage devices and boot it up.

Yeah! It just boots up with my old Ubuntu 13.10 which I now upgraded to 14.10.3 (LTS). Pretty happy, I should have invested more on this earlier!

One pitfall with HP xw8400 is that (actually xw6400 too) the memory temperature can go as high as 80~90 Celsius – really hot! So, you’d better have sound cooling fans over the top, otherwise it, I observed, sometimes crashes with Northbridge, Southbridge failures.

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Look up from your phone, and shut down that display

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It’s summer time, and I’ve longed to have a chilled larger just after sunset. I’ve found a New York-ish pub nearby my house.
I only regret that I cannot attach music that they’ve played at that night. Lovely, beautiful with my beloved lady…!

2013-06-22 20.57.16

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氚曤炒鞓 – 雮橃潣 鞕曥瀽雼 (電戨寑靻岆厔 OST)


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氩勳姢旎 氩勳姢旎 – 氩氷絻 鞐旊敥


[youtube聽width=450 height=250]HB_azADA4j8[/youtube]
[youtube聽width=450 height=250]DSEOvY1TeMA[/youtube]
[youtube聽width=450 height=250]BE22AfWLcXs[/youtube]

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Cobus @ YouTube


Cobus – Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down (Drum Cover)
[youtube聽width=600 height=400]pY4mJc5_5j8[/youtube]

Cobus – Michael Jackson – Bad (Drum Cover)
[youtube聽width=600 height=400]OefYM8LND9k[/youtube]

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WebRTC for Mobile Browsers?


WebRTC already became one of the very exciting features both in desktop PCs and mobile devices, and we have longed to the dates when it can be used in real world, especially with mobile devices. The problem is that the WebRTC for Chrome is based on M18 while the mobile Chrome on Android is released based on M16, according to this post.

In the mean time, Ericsson has release a sample mobile browser that supports WebRTC, but it now seemed to become deprecated as it is based on ROAP substitued by JSEP for a long time ago.

So, the conclusion is “there is no major mobile browser at the moment that fully supports WebRTC, apart from getUserMedia() API with Opera Mobile 12″ [1].

And, here are some of the interested articles about gUM from Opera: [2], [3], and [4].


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Tanenbaum Talks MINIX, Linux


I’ve longed for delving into the deep OS kenel codes, and for that reason I am always interested in topics related to OS stuffs. Here is an interesting interview article – Andy Tanenbaum Talks about MINIX and Linux by Today, OS News mentioined this interview article, too.


While reading this story, I have came across a historic “The Tanenbaum-Torvalds Debate” which is worth reading as well.



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4 x 4 x 4 Rubik Cube Solver (ARM Powered Nokia)


Rubik Cube Solver with Nokia N95 and LEGO NXT

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BKHL – L.T.D. Love


A lovely Sound

BKHL – L.T.D LOVE by Baukhol

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boating @ han river


it wasn’t enough for me to聽reminiscence cambridge’s beautiful punting memories,
but it was definitely a fresh and lovely outing around seoul’s famous han river.

yong-dong bldg copyright (c) soo-hyun choi

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